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'Teen Vogue' has come under attack after making the decision to publish an article earlier this month on the topic of anal sex.'Anal Sex: What You Need to Know' was written by well-known sex educator Gigi Engle, and provided readers with a very clinical look at the act which is still considered taboo by many.

The piece quickly incited in a fury in some however, with Elizabeth Johnson aka The Activist Mommy, leading the pack as she called for a boycott of the magazine and demanded it be pulled from store shelves.

In the intro to the piece, Engle very clearly lays out the reasons she believes the guide is necessary and informs readers that if they have no interest in the topic or are not 'comfortable' with the subject matter they are welcome to close out and head to another story on the website.'Even if you do learn more and decide anal sex is not a thing you'd like to try, it doesn't hurt to have the information,' explains Engle.

What follows is not salacious or tawdry, but rather a very simple look at anal sex that is divided into easily digestible subheads explaining why it can be pleasurable for men, why it can be pleasurable for women, the importance of using lubricant and, last but not least, the poop question.

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