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I think Ukrainians have to sign up to the association agreement. I drove down from the Poltava region, 200 kilometres from Kiev.

I’m here to show that I have human rights in my own Ukraine, in my own native country, I mean. “There’s a group of us that came down from Novovolinsk – that’s out in the Western part of the country near Lviv. There were falsifications, even in 2010 [when Yanukovich was thought to have won a relatively clean election]. We will stay here until it is over.” Oleg, 36, potter “These red and black colours I’m holding are those of [mid-20th century nationalist guerrilla movement] the Ukrainian Insurgent Army, and right now they symbolise the struggle of the entire country. Me, my brother, and two mates, we brought our car down. We’re against the way the government is running the country, and this nonsense about not joining the deal with Europe. I hate our situation where the police are beating people up and there are students in prison for expressing their democratic rights.

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We Ukrainians have to show that we have our human rights. We didn’t organise anywhere to stay – some people come and others go. We’ve been here since last week, got a place to stay till the fourth, then we’ll see.

Our politicians have their own internal contradictions in their Ukrainian minds, so we have to show where we are going. Because I don’t want to live in a country where they beat up children. The point is there are always some people from our town here.” Sofia Vlasova, 48, factory worker “The Ukrainians have never had their own country. “Victory means changing the political regime: the departure of both Yanukovich and of his ministers.

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