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I got introduced to a local as " Gerard is up from the big city". If I am correct mr Bolger is mostly remembered for his simple "box" like designs.But I remember having seen somewhere on the internets some real good looking designs.Demographics holds general information about your client, such as name, address and contact information.

It's divided into several different sections, or tabs, just like a paper chart might be.Again sorry for the hijack, and I'll be happy with any info that will come my way. Here's the most poignant of overviews: Phil Bolger's design portfolio spanned far more than the square boats of his later years, but, alas, that's what most people these days seem to remember.You can find a hundred and fifty or so of his designs described in various books by the man - the easiest to obtain, and latest, is "Boats with an open mind." There are others, but they are out of print and prices are rising. Bolger's designs have been discussed as "cartoons" in "Messing About in Boats" magazine, over many years. Check out this link to Bruce Hallman's computer sketches of some of Bolger's work: are also several Bolger yahoo groups, with various pics and write ups.does a lobotomy involve the frontal lobes....pineal gland should not be in the frontal is then the brain has been assembled in correctly... The nazis added fluorine to the drinking water at some concentration camps to make the prisoners sterile, docile and placable.return to manufactuare for re fund.The simple solution is to drink milk, beer, and fruit juices. Fluorine is also in most food packings and in nonsticky frying pans etc.Additional info: lang is set to the the expected value en_US. As a developer I'd like to see better docs for V8 if I'm going to continue to use it in a production environment.


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