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This is not a program that was created only to help you get women to sleep with you, but instead to help you improve your love life in general and to show you how to get the women you desire to fall in love with you.Bobby Rio, a famous dating coach, author of several bestselling books, and the creator of the Unlock Her Legs system, says that the program is based on his proven method called “the Scrambler Technique”.When you buy Unlock Her Legs and learn how to use this mind game on a woman you like, you’ll appeal to the emotional part of her brain.This gets her constantly thinking about you and basically addicted to the thought of being with you and sleeping with you.In order to give you everything you need to improve your love life dramatically and get the best results from the Scrambler Technique, Bobby Rio offers a complete system that is filled with different videos, guides and exclusive forum access. – “The Scrambler Guide” that explains the technique in details.

Bobby has been helping men learn how to flirt, attract women, and improve their overall social life for the past six years.

In today’s post I’m going to be talking about Bobby Rio’s Conversation Escalation program, and share my unbiased opinion on it with you… Especially the stuff from guys with weird, made up PUA names. Bobby on the other hand doesn’t bill himself as a master pick up artist or anything like that. Who’s spent a lot of time figuring out what works with women…

But I also want to talk a bit about the man behind the program and why I think you should listen to what he has to say… And he’s able to teach what he knows in a way that can benefit you IMMENSELY.

And is known for his ability to help shy or boring guys create more fun, playful, and flirtatious conversations with women.

You can learn more about him at ( It is not possible to control the circumstances under which you meet the woman of your dreams. The looks, the brains, the body, the sense of humor, the shared outlook on life—all may be perfectly suited to your desire and temperament.


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