A brand new year 2016 dating

I must admit, I am monumentally grateful to all of my readers but most of all, I’m grateful for my family, naturally for the obvious reasons but moreso for supporting my blog and shouting about it from the rooftops.

I don’t think there’s many girls who can openly admit that they write about blow jobs and their Mum, Brother, Gran and Grandad are their biggest fans.

But we came back from it and we came back strong getting too) released on Steam uncensored and putting out 19 games, including not one, but three games from our new partners at Alicesoft, and our first otome game in addition to––in an entirely new category for us at that––four drama CDs this year!

We also announced seventeen new games from seven new partners this year and brought three amazing guests to Anime Expo.

But does he even care about the music anymore when he has 18-year-old Emily to focus his attention on?

Before she headed down the aisle, she got ready with 'maids in custom flannel shirts sporting the embroidered words "Mrs. Her bridesmaids donned custom Watters' gowns in a brand new French Blue hue.

The dating industry itself is a bloody brilliant one to say the very least and is packed to the brim with extremely talented people who revolutionising the way we date (and what we know about dating for that matter) every single day.

Naturally, it wasn’t just me who walked away with an award that night, there were others too, and all truly deserving of the recognition they received. Big shout out to Charly Lester, Founder & CEO of The Dating Awards, what an amazing event you’ve put together over the last few years and what a massive impact you’ve had on this wonderful industry – inspirational!

A number of old familiars remain extremely popular as well––it’s getting hard to imagine a year end top 10 without was also a big hit on Steam, proving that there really is a place for visual novels with a more mature take on sexuality in that marketplace.

We have a lot in store for the coming year too, so we hope to enjoy your continued support!


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